The idea for the I love myself program 2.0 has been created based off of my
clients experiences with the first I love myself program and now is BIGGER
& BETTER. As a result it will bring huge breakthroughs for women all over
Australia around their self-esteem, self-worth, power and freedom. Allowing
all their goals to manifest whilst delving into their emotional baggage and
freeing themselves of it.

A lot of women I first see come in with crippling anxiety, self worth
issues and describe having issues around liking themselves, who they are
and the life they have around them. Sometimes this can manifest itself into
some very awful conditions such as Bulimia, Anorexia, Depression, Severe
anxiety etc.

Most of the time those coming to me have tried it all but still struggle to
get the results they desire… They describe feeling stuck whether it be in
their job, relationship status or life in general…

Which is where I come in.

The I love myself program 2.0 stems from my the first program which was
only lasted 3 weeks. Whilst the program brought incredible breakthroughs
for all those involved my clients wanted MORE.

So I listened and answered… with that brings this 10 WEEK PROGRAM!

What is offered in this program

  • One on One sessions with me 1 hour per week (in person or via Skype)
  • Time Line Therapy(r) transformation
  • Weekly phone calls to ensure you are keeping on track
  • Membership site access which includes the following + much more
  • Morning rituals
  • Weekly challenges
  • Video content
  • Meditations
  • Self hypnosis tapes
  • Facebook group access (community feel with a group of women experiencing similar circumstances to keep one another accountable)
  • Goal setting/achieving strategies

What you will experience as a result of being apart of the I love myself program 2.0

  1. An emotional breakthrough
  2. Realising your full potential
  3. Skills to carry you through the rest of your life
  4. An understanding of where emotions and beliefs come from
  5. Releasing old belief systems that no longer serve you (I’m not good enough, all men are the same, I am not worthy of love etc.)
  6. Releasing old baggage in the form of negative emotions (Anger, Sadness, Fear etc.)